Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Nava Thirupathi - Garuda Sevai photos

Nava Thirupathi

These are nine Vishnu temples on either side of Tamaraibarani river off the Tirunelveli-Tiruchendur state highway. Nammazhvar is the only Azhvaar to have sung at the Nava Tirupathi temples.

In the Nava Garuda Sevai, 9 Perumals are seated on Garuda vaahanam. Azhwar is seated on a Hamsa vaahanam and his dearest devotee, Madurakavi Azhwar is seated on Pirangi Naarkaali (a chair). This festival starts in the eveing after 9.00 PM and continues up to next day early morning.

Azhwar waits just outside the Main Entrance of the temple. The temple doors are closed and Alwar along with his favourite devotee Madurakavi Alwar wait for the Garudaseva Utsavam to happen. The Main doors are opened and Azhwar is the first to have darsanam of Perumal. Perumal is given Mangala Aarthi and managalasaasanam done to the particular Perumal by the Azhwar, Then Main doors are closed and the next Garudasevai Perumal comes to the Main doors and the mangalasasanam done to the next perumal and so on.

Thanks to Giri vel swami for sharing the photos.


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