Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Kinchitkaram Trust - new look website

Kinchitkaram Trust website has been redesigned with more information and articles.

 The new website guides you to Sri Ramanuja Millennium Celebration.

You would be taken through a memorable journey comprising of the following

        Sri Ramanuja suprabhatam
         Sri Ramanuja aradhanam
         Sri Ramanuja tirumanjana kattiyam
         Sri Ramanuja tirumanjanam
         Sri Ramanuja archana
         Tiruppallandu Tiruppavai Iramanuja Nootrandadi sevakalam (chanting)         
         Harathi and sattumurai
         Short discourse by Velukkudi Sri U Ve Krishnan Swamy
         Sri Ramanuja Mangalam

Enjoy every moment and join in chanting with a divyaprabandha book. To your pleasant surprise, you would find the content new and informative every tiruvadirai. As months pass, you would be participating in every part at ease.

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